Time and method of Muslim people to dedicate prayers

Choice - to Muslim tourists acceptance

Time and method of Muslim people to dedicate prayers Pray for Muslims it is the habit indispensable. To respect their habit to support, it will lead to a better hospitality. Let's grasp the nearest mosque Frequently the questions from Muslim tourists, is providing information about the mosque in the neighborhood. To understand, such as the nearest mosque details and access, let's try to be able to introduce at any time. Close to if there is no mosque, you may be happy and are prepared clean room capable of choice. We will take you to Mecca Worship must be done towards the correct Qibla, but it is quite difficult to know exactly the direction in the travel destination that does not get used. It might be helpful in the room and commercial facilities there is a label that indicates the Qibla, if it does not come true, there is also a method such as lend a Qibla compass for examining the direction. Use the mat at the time of choice Choice is laying mat (carpet), it will take place on it. Muslims to carry the mat until the travel destination but some, but you may wish to lending.